Chinese In Malaysia (Chinese Article)

  1. 陈爱梅 : 客家的建构和想象——以马来西亚槟城大伯公信仰和海陆丰社群为例

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  2. 曾维龙 : 论隆雪华青的组织定位和转型:从传统华团到公民组织的迈进(A Study of KLSCAH Youth Section in Organisation Orientation and Transformation: From Traditional Chinese Organisations Forward to Civic Organisation )

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  3. 张晓威 : 十九世紀檳榔嶼華人方言群社會與幫權政治(The Dialect Groups and Operation of Pang Politics in the Chinese Community of Penang during the 19(superscript th) Century)
    (海洋文化學刊;3期(2007/12/01) )

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  4. 陈爱梅 : 馬來西亞華人宗教素食觀之宗教教育意義與實踐(The Religious Education Meanings and Practices on Chinese Religious Vegetarian in Malaysia)
    (哲學與文化;43卷6期 (2016/06/01) )

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  5. 陈爱梅 : 馬來亞與中國之間-以兩個個案探討馬來亞華人的故鄉(Between Malaya and China-Homeland for the Chinese in Malaysia as Seen from Two Lives)
    (哲學與文化;44卷5期 (2017 /05 /01) )

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  6. 杜忠全 : 从乔治市街道的中文命名窥探槟城华人的 “ 乔治市中心 ” 意识 (The “Georgetown Centric”: the study of Chinese Street Names in Georgetown, Penang)
    (马来西亚华人研究学刊;2014年第17期 )

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  7. 杜振尊 : 中国海盗在华南沿海与海峡殖民地的活动(1840年—1860年)
    (马来西亚华人研究学刊;2021年第24期 )

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Chinese In Malaysia (English Article)

  1. Chin, Y.M, Jaganathan, M., Hasmiza, A.M., Wu, M.C. : Zyo yuezi practice among Malaysian Chinese women: Tradition vs modernity

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  2. Yee Mun, Chin: Assimilation and Chinese Ethnic Consciousness in Malaysia: An Overview
    (Malaysian Journal of Chinese Studies;9卷1期(2020/11/01))

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  3. Kenneth Lee Tze Wui, Chin Yee Mun, Eng May Chuen, Lee Jenn Yuan, and Phua Yeong Nan : Chinese Philanthropic Response to COVID-19 in the Malaysian Context
    (UCLA Asia Pacific Center: Working Papers Series)
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